Creating Spaces, Connecting People, Testing Assumptions

Have you ever been to a meeting and wished you were somewhere else?

Where you've barely had the time to draw breath, let alone think deeply or listen more fully, to another’s point of view. So often, in the rush to tell someone what we already know, we fail to hear what it is they have to say, and the opportunity for fresh thinking is lost: we don’t listen, we simply reload. This results in an addiction to certainty and a focus on the short -term, which keeps us locked in cycles of activity that simply rehash the past

What is your role as a leader?

Is it to gain market share, boost share price or simply get through the week? Are you focused on process and transactions or do you see the people who make up your business?

Your staff spend anything between 30-60 hours per week with you; they think about work at home in the evenings, on holidays and at weekends. They are relieved and, if lucky, celebrate when things go well and fret and worry when things do not, regardless of whether these things are in their control. So the culture you create at work impacts their whole lives and those of their partners, their elderly parents, their children and ultimately society.

Do they feel secure, confident, welcome, acknowledged and empowered? Or are they anxious, stressed, frustrated, inhibited or simply bored and just praying for the weekend? What do they say about you and your organisation when they are at home? To friends, neighbours, at the local store, with the bank manager or their physician? All of whom are potential customers or clients of your services.

As leaders, you have the opportunity to practice a style of leadership that enhances the day to day lives of very many people, some of whom you may never meet. In so doing, you’ll earn the loyalty and respect of your teams and the reputation as a good employer, meaning less turnover, motivated people and a workspace that people actually enjoy coming to!

And when people feel secure, valued and are invited to contribute, they think better : the result great products, enviable customer service and a stellar reputation that starts with all the people they come in to contact with, both in and outside of the business.
WA workshop June 2019

At Wyman Associates we have developed a suite of programmes, based on the pioneering work of author and teacher Nancy Kline. Her “Thinking Environment” approach creates the conditions for people to think independently for themselves:   inclusive, enlightening and emboldening spaces where people get to say what they really think, and others actually listen.

Mitzi Wyman has trained extensively with Nancy and  is a coach, facilitator and teacher of the Thinking Environment. She uses this approach to develop leaders from across sectors and cultures where all can thrive.

To  find out how you can create such an  environment for your people and organisation, contact us today.

About Mitzi

Mitzi inspires me, over and over again. When I need hope for humanity, I turn to her. She reaches into the core of both the good in society and the causes of its pain. She understands what it takes to transform a situation, a team, an organisation into the finest version of itself. She manages to blend humility with confidence, detail with scope, leadership with autonomy. Her expertise and her warmth are compelling. I trust her completely. And I am grateful for her in this world.
Nancy Kline
President of Time To Think
Mitzi is incredibly creative, well qualified and skilled in developing leaders, passionate about making the world a better place. Kind, insightful and supportive, she is able to challenge deep-seated assumptions and create an environment where important but tricky issues can be addressed. Not many can blend her artistic talent with detailed knowledge of governance. Working with her has been a delight.
Elisabeth Buggins, CBE DL
Chair Eastern Academic Health Science Network

I began my career as a lawyer but my interest in people led to a change in direction and I went on to study Organisational Psychiatry and Psychology and train as a coach. This combination of skills, coupled with experience of working at board level in complex organisations,  gives me a unique insight into the challenges facing many of my clients,  their organisations and the wider community. I have now been supporting leaders and teams for over 20 years and work across sectors. My focus is creating inclusive environments where true engagement, intellectual honesty, trust and transparency are expected and the norm.

I have been a Non-Executive Director in the NHS, Head of Practice Management at the Law Society and am proud to be an Ambassador with the influential International Integrated Reporting Council, a global coalition of regulators, investors, companies and NGOs, transforming the way organisations do business. I am on the Board of Public Finance by Women and on the Faculty of the NHS’s Leadership Academy. Through Windsor Leadership Trust I have had the privilege to facilitate residential retreats at Windsor Castle which contrasts with  the workshops I have delivered in some of London’s most deprived communities. 

In 2011  I established, a forum for leaders from across sectors. Last year Fulcrum launched the International Centre for Inter-Generational Equity,  to promote dialogue and understanding across generations – so vital in these polarising times.

The Thinking Environment approach underpins all of my  work and I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to train extensively with Nancy Kline. I am a member of her collegiate and teach her Foundation and Thinking Partners programmes.

I am enormously grateful for the time, energy and skill you put into this morning. I think it was very successful and will enable the individual presidents to think their way through the planning issues which they face in a more collegiate and collaborative way. I hope that in the future there will be other similar occasions when the need for free thinking, talking and listening can be used to the same good effect.
Sir Ernest Ryder
Senior President of Tribunals
Mitzi ran a most fulfilling and ‘work changing’ session. Attendees ranged from chairmen of global organisations to senior regulators to those running smaller agencies. By educating us in how to create a ‘thinking environment’ which is not only inclusive but promotes fresh and clear thoughts, the meetings become more productive and engaging. Subsequently applying this in practice was a joy with immediate results.
Richard Karmel
Managing Partner, Mazars London

Some of the clients we have worked with

Clients we have worked with