Build a Workplace Where Everyone Can Thrive With Organisational Change Strategies From Mitzi Wyman

Encourage more trust, engagement and collaboration between your teams by elevating the quality of thinking in your organisation. Learn a proven process from a leading culture change strategist – centred around the core principles of Nancy Kline’s ‘Thinking Environment’ approach.
Working with Mitzi is perfect if you want to...

Create a positive culture that motivates your people and reflects the best of who you are

Promote workplace equality, diversity and inclusivity by empowering individual voices

Make smarter decisions and drive real, measurable business growth for the long-term

The Cultures You Create At Work Can Have a Huge Impact On The Lives of Your Staff, Their Partners & Their Families

Employees can spend up to 60 hours of their week with you. They often think about work at home, on holiday, in the evening and at weekends. They celebrate when things go right and they worry when things don’t go to plan.

Ask yourself, do your people feel confident, welcome, acknowledged and empowered?
Or do they feel anxious, stressed, frustrated and inhibited?

The nature of the modern workplace makes it difficult for your talent to focus on the present moment. Maybe you’ve recognised pressure, uncertainty or a sense of urgency creating an environment that undermines the quality of the attention given to certain matters – and the outcomes that result.

In the current climate, not only are your teams facing the challenge of a global pandemic and a warp-speed move towards remote working – but they’re likely feeling in a state of crisis (not to mention the need to be continually connected!)
All of this limits their time for thoughtful, future-focused decision making and prevents quality reflection and contemplation. Without the right leadership to guide them through these unprecedented times, they struggle to deliver their best work.
If you’re answering “yes!” to ANY of these questions, you need some help…

Does it ever feel like your teams are stifled, stressed or struggling to achieve their full potential?

The frenzy of professional life is taking its toll - and it’s proving difficult to cultivate an environment where people can contribute their best ideas...

Could you be doing more as a leader to help your staff contain anxiety and feel more secure?

The challenge of getting the best out of your people needs to be met - and you see the need to practise a new style of leadership to make a positive impact...

Have you ever held a meeting and felt like a sense of intense urgency was inhibiting your progress?

There were interruptions, tailgating, the same people were dominating every discussion and it didn’t seem like everyone had a voice...

Are you unsure how to encourage high-quality, independent thinking from your team members?

The success of your business depends on your people’s ability to think for themselves in a calm manner - but you don’t know how to make that happen...

Meet Your Mentor Who Can Help You Get The Most Out of Your Talent Through a Deep Expertise In Optimal Thinking Practices

Hi - it’s Mitzi Wyman here!

It’s my job to help you build a great organisation, enrich the lives of people and create a more just and caring world.

How can I make that happen? Well, through my background as a lawyer, and training in organisational psychiatry and psychology, I’ve had the privilege to work with and observe outstanding leaders who make a real impact in high-profile workplaces.

Now, I’m sharing that knowledge and insight with you in a way that allows your workplace to achieve the same clarity, vision and purpose that leads to wise choices, better decision making and cultures where everyone can thrive.

My approach is underpinned by the ‘Thinking Environment’ by Nancy Kline, an inherently inclusive way of working, while my lived experience enables conversations around difference and helps others to access the wisdom, compassion and courage that’s inherent in their own story.

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“Mitzi inspires me, over and over again”.

When I need hope for humanity, I turn to her. She reaches into the core of both the good in society and the causes of its pain. She understands what it takes to transform a situation, a team, an organisation into the finest version of itself. She manages to blend humility with confidence, detail with scope, leadership with autonomy. Her expertise and her warmth are compelling. I trust her completely. And I am grateful for her in this world.
– Nancy Kline

The ‘Time To Think’ Foundation Course Elevates The Quality of Thinking In Your Workplace & Promotes Stronger Leadership

When it comes to optimal business performance, the quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first – and the quality of our thinking depends on how we treat each other while we’re doing it.

When people feel appreciated, valued and are invited to contribute, they think better, put forward more innovative ideas and make a more positive impact on everyone they come into contact with (inside and outside of the workplace!)

The ‘Time To Think’ Foundation Course is a certificated programme developed by Nancy Kline and delivered by Mitzi Wyman. It’s built to help you:

Mitzi Lives & Breathes The Values That Create More Meaningful Connections Between People In The Workplace

Whatever you do and wherever you are on your journey, Mitzi can help you find a holistic solution to anything that’s holding you back.

By using the ‘Thinking Environment’ approach and completing the Foundation Course, you can discover new ways of working that generate fresh thinking and introduce behaviours that lead to greater diversity, innovation, and insight.

Here are all the ways you can work with Mitzi…





That’s Why Businesses In The UK & Beyond Trust Mitzi

If you’re passionate about creating a culture where your people can thrive, getting inside the mind of an expert is what makes the difference. That’s why some of the most high-profile workplaces in the country – like the NHS, Skanska, KPMG, Sony and the UK Cabinet Office – have relied on Mitzi’s experience to encourage success.
Why? Because she understands the challenges you’re facing and knows exactly how to deal with them.
By exploring your needs, sharing the appropriate solutions and helping you to embed them in your organisation, Mitzi allows you to ignite the thinking in your workplace and deliver lasting change.

Are You Ready To Ignite Fresh, Independent Thinking?

If you’re interested in building a workplace where the efforts of your team come together in a cohesive and coherent way – you’re in the perfect place! Get in touch with Mitzi today to energise your teams, unlock their best work and fulfil your potential as a leader – regardless of where you’re at right now.

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