Leadership - Fresh Thinking for Lasting Change

At Wyman Associates, we teach ways of working that generate fresh thinking and enhance performance;  introduce inclusive behaviours that lead to greater diversity, innovation and insight and business models that produce better outcomes  for all.

This leads to  cultures where people love what they do, are excited, engaged and  thrive.

The result – satisfied customers, service users,  investors, regulators AND headlines that you’ll love!

To learn more, contact me today. I look forward to hearing from you. Mitzi@mitziwyman.com

About Mitzi Wyman

A solicitor by training, and with a background in organisational psychiatry and psychology, I’ve had the privilege to work with and observe outstanding leaders who are making real impact in the world.  I’ve studied what drives them and now, through Wyman Associates, I share with my clients how they too can achieve the clarity, vision and purpose that leads to wise choices, better decision making and cultures where all can thrive.

My work is informed by my experience as a board member, academic and regulator.   I am an Ambassador with the International Integrated Reporting Council, a global organisation transforming the way corporations do business, and I also sit on the Faculty of the NHS’s London Leadership Academy where I have a special interest in inclusion and diversity.

In 2011 I founded Fulcrum Leaders, a forum to promote dialogue, the exchange of ideas and the exploration of subjects to expand understanding and gain insight. A practising Buddhist I believe everyone has the wisdom, courage and compassion to make a positive difference in the world.

“Mitzi is incredibly creative, well qualified and skilled in developing leaders, passionate about making the world a better place. Kind, insightful and supportive, she is able to challenge deep-seated assumptions and create an environment where important but tricky issues can be addressed. Not many can blend her artistic talent with detailed knowledge of governance. Working with her has been a delight”.

Elisabeth Buggins, CBE, Trustee of NHS Provider