At our most recent gathering the theme was vocation inspired by the Buechner quote:

“Vocation is the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s great need”.

It was a lovely early Summer evening, the sun shining through the wide windows of a room in the heart of London’s West End.  

We turned up, having pushed our way through the commuting crowds and from demanding day jobs, including a Managing Director of one of London’s leading hospitals, a Head of a South East London sixth form and a Director with the World Business Forum. 

So we began by taking a few moments to quieten the noise and rush from the outside world and instead be inspired and moved by a murmuration of starlings, courtesy of wild life film maker Dylan Winter.  

After introductions, we reflected on the wonderful poem  “Blackbirds: by Julie Cadwallader-Staub  and what this meant for us as leaders.

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