Our Training Programmes

At Wyman Associates (WA) we believe a leader’s first job is to create a Thinking Environment, an approach developed over 20 years ago by author and teacher Nancy Kline. with whom Mitzi Wyman has trained extensively. Mitzi is trained as a coach, facilitator and teacher of the Thinking Environment and is a member of Kline’s Time to Think collegiate.

Our programmes can be offered face to face or online and include:

  • The Foundation Course
  • Beyond Difference
  • Transforming Meetings

The Foundation Course

This 2-day programme is for those wanting to introduce the TE approach into their facilitation style. In this programme participants experience and explore the approach more fully and having done so, are confident in introducing it and in teaching key elements to others in their organisation. Whilst stand-alone, the programme is also a pre-requisite for those who want to go on to train as Time to Think facilitators.

Beyond Difference

A one-day programme exploring Diversity in a Thinking Environment. This is a specialist piece which uses the approach to explore the untrue limiting assumptions that determine who gets to speak and who is heard. In particular it looks at the cognitive diversity that difference brings.

Transforming Meetings

A 1-day programme tailored specifically for those who lead meetings in-house or with clients.