Clients are the reason we are in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us and the work we do.

“Mitzi ran a most fulfilling and ‘work changing’ session. Attendees ranged from chairmen of global organisations to senior regulators to those running smaller agencies. Essentially, the theme of the session was for Mitzi to coach us in the running / chairing of more effective meetings. By educating us in how to create a ‘thinking environment’ which is not only inclusive but promotes fresh and clear thoughts, the meetings become more productive and engaging. Subsequently applying this in practice was a joy with immediate results. Thank you Mitzi”.

Richard Karmel, Managing Partner London, Mazars.

“I have known Mitzi for many years and see her as an inspiration in thinking about what and how I do things in my roles”.

Paul Druckman, former President ICAEW and Chair, Corporate Reporting Council of the FRC.

“Thank you Mitzi. This week our key management meeting was much more inclusive and productive; we discussed a number of ‘meaty’ issues that previously might not have reached the agenda. Having dealt with these we felt a sense of collective ownership and achievement and left the meeting feeling much more optimistic as to what we could achieve”.

Nadine Bleasby, COO Clinical Research team

“The approach has created a space that elevates the quality of thinking generated during our meetings. The principles have promoted equity by empowering individual voices and has started to transform how we think through solutions for ourselves”.

LaShelle Marlow, Health Education England

“Thank you…we can use this approach as a great basis to work together even more effectively …. On a personal level it is at the heart of how I have seen effective teams working in the past so has genuine resonance for me”.

Executive V-P of international construction firm.

As a Coach and Thinking Partner.

“Mitzi is a fantastic coach. The work she did with me opened my eyes not only to some of my own behaviour it has helped me not to take apparently ‘bad’ behaviour from others too seriously when they are clearly in stress mode and they are not behaving how they usually would. Just this one thing makes for a more collaborative environment. Mitzi, the coaching you did with me years ago, has helped me incredibly. I still benefit from it. Thank you!"

Sandy Luk, CE Marine Conservation Society

“With Mitzi I had an opportunity to think through my strengths and weaknesses and link this to the situations which I face and anticipate. Almost immediately I was able to change my behaviour and to have a sense of my impact on others (intentional or unintentional). This is a great perspective for healthy working relationships."

T. Akpeki, Governance Consultant, Bates Wells & Braithwaite

"From the first time we met I have found Mitzi incredibly generous with her time…I have found her help invaluable in the way it makes me think about how I go about my job, and I am positive it makes me enjoy it more. She has helped changed the way I work forever and I am very grateful to her for supporting me in this. Hopefully one day I can repay her for the support she has given me."

Dan Heerey, Ryan Specialty Group