Fulcrum Network

Founded in 2011 by Mitzi Wyman, Fulcrum Leaders is a network whose members include heads of global organisations, activists, teachers, legislators and professionals from across health and social care.

Our gatherings promote dialogue, the exchange of ideas and the exploration of a subject from very different perspectives in order to expand understanding and gain insight.

“Mitzi is incredibly creative, well qualified and skilled in developing leaders, passionate about making the world a better place. Kind, insightful and supportive, she is able to challenge deep-seated assumptions and create an environment where important but tricky issues can be addressed. Not many can blend her artistic talent with detailed knowledge of governance. Working with her has been a delight”.

Elisabeth Buggins, CBE, Trustee of NHS Provider

Typical Fulcrum Gatherings

Early evening salons

Up to 15 members come together to create a cultural hub, break bread, enjoy rich conversation and share leadership challenges and insights.


These are larger events and opened to guests. Previous events have touched on topics ranging from Betrayal and Forgiveness to Authority and most recently Sustainability. The sessions begin with one or two presentations to prompt reflection and discussion.

Round-table discussions

These are exclusive, invitation-only, events. These are limited to 12 and facilitated by Mitzi Wyman. Members are introduced to a form of Dialogue that builds on the latest techniques from neuroscience and systems leadership, in the context of a particular issue. As well as making significant connections, members are able to put these techniques to immediate use to enhance boardroom thinking and decision making.