Some of the Services we offer

Mitzi at the World Bank in Washington.

Taking your organisation to the next level.

True leadership is not just about roles and titles but compassion, courage, intellectual honesty and trust. It’s about creating environments where ideas are welcome, people are valued and enjoy turning up to work every day.

At Wyman Associates we use lessons learned from the worlds of behavioural science, theatre , psychology and business to bring out the very best in your people

Here are some of the ways that we work

★ Transforming meetings: In this  programme you’ll learn insights and skills that dramatically enhance the quality of your meetings whether 1-1, at team or  board level.  The methods, based on the pioneering work of Nancy Kline,  lead to greater  engagement, trust, transparency and heightened performance. Increasingly we are applying this to the virtual work-space and this has been truly transformative – both in terms of relationships and the bottom line.

★ Beyond Difference: The aim of this programme is to create environments which are more diverse,  inclusive, compassionate and healthy for all.  It isn’t for the faint-hearted as it requires that you be willing  to take a hard look at what has to happen for lasting change to emerge. The result is worth it though – the eradication  of  systems and processes that diminish ourselves and  others and greater diversity in thinking, creativity and innovation.

★ Integrated Thinking: Siloed short-term thinking,  focused solely on the bottom line, contributed to the major corporate crises of recent years. The world has changed and we have rich conversations with clients that help them to navigate this changing landscape, generating fresh thinking about values, value creation, financial stability and sustainability.

★ Managing Risk: One of the key challenges facing businesses today is failure to manage risk. Our experience tells us that crises, whether in a hospital or on a construction site, are often due not to technical errors but poor quality  relationships where a failure to speak up, own up or have that crucial conversation that could have made a difference, didn’t happen. By focusing on relationships, we help you develop a working culture that means issues, and opportunities, are identified earlier, are escalated appropriately with lessons shared and processes adjusted accordingly.

★ Thinking Partnerships and Executive coaching : These sessions are delivered exclusively by Mitzi and are based on Nancy Kline’s Time to Think method. The approach bring  a quality of attention and  ease that leads to  freedom from urgency and rush, helping clients make better decisions and gain clarity on  personal and professional goals.

The above programmes are offered in partnership with my team of Associates all of whom have  achieved success in business and as professional coaches and facilitators of teams.